• 1983

    Tim Morgan, a young farm boy attends Mount Royal College to become a flyboy and when he finds himself out of work, leases a four-seat, single-engine Cessna 172 to begin Morgan Air. Tim operates his fledgling company out of a small corner of what was known as Hangar59 offering various aviation-related services including flight training.
  • 1995

    Tim and three other local entrepreneurs develop the business plan for WestJet and begin operations with 2 Boeing 737-200 aircraft serving three Canadian destinations. Serving as Executive VP of Operations for ten years, Tim is recognized within the international business and aviation community for his role in making WestJet one of the most successful airlines in recent aviation history.
  • 1997

    While taking care of business at WestJet, Tim also works to expand services offered by Morgan Air. He receives Transport Canada authority to include aircraft maintenance as part of his product offering to his clients.
  • 2006

    One year after leaving WestJet, Tim forms Air Partners, offering private executive charters, hotel bookings, aircraft maintenance and fractional ownership of planes, with the determination to manage aircraft better than anyone else. The newly formed company’s first acquisition is a Citation 560 business jet.
  • 2008

    Upon hearing startling reports from their customers who have become disenchanted with the service from their aircraft brokers, Air Partners decides to enter the world of aircraft acquisition on behalf of their select management clientele. This service offering will later transition into its own entity: Hangar59.
  • 2013

    As Hangar59, Air Partners, and AircraftWorks expand, a new entity named Take Flight Group is formed to represent all three companies. Take Flight Group employs over 70 people. Take Flight Group moves into a brand new, state of the art 40,000 sq. ft. facility offering expansive hangar facilities, executive lounges, office space and more.