Learjet 45 (C-FHCW)

Learjet 45 (C-FHCW)

The Learjet 45 is truly innovative. It seamlessly integrates new technology with a tested and successful older design. The interior of the Learjet 45 was designed to ensure that the passengers would be comfortable and have the most functional space. The onboard systems ensure efficient performance – making it a cost-effective mid-sized private jet.

  • 2553.1 hours, 1879 landings (as of October 13, 2015)
  • Enrolled in Bombardier Smart Parts Program (USD $555/hr)
  • Airshow 400
  • Enrolled in CAMP

Engines: Left & Right
Description: Honeywell Garrett TFE731-20AR-1B
Serial Number: L/H P116425  /  R/H P116424
Time since new: 2553.1 / 2389.4
Cycles since new: 1879 / 1756
Time since compressor zonal inspection: Due at 5000 hours
Cycles since compressor zonal inspection: N/A
Time since MPI: 37.1
Cycles since MPI: 35
Engine program coverage: Honeywell MSP
MSP hourly rate: USD $235.74 / engine
Description: Honeywell RE100LJ
Part Number: 3800726-1
Serial Number: P-261
APU hours: 998.78
APU cycles: 2040



Honeywell Primus 1000 integrated avionics
AHRS: Dual Litef LCR-93 AHRS
FMS: Dual Universal UNS-1C
TCAS: ACSS RT-951 TCAS II with Software 7.1 upgrade
CVR: Honeywell CVR120
ELT: Artex C406-2


  • Aircraft is on Bombardier Enhanced Maintenance Schedule
  • Increase in Max Zero Fuel Weight Service Bulletin
    (SB 45-11-5)
  • MLG axle beam borescope inspection completed
    Jan. 2015
  • Landing gear actuator pins replaced Jan. 2015
  • RVSM, ADC and transponder 24 month inspections completed Feb. 2015
  • LH and RH engine MPI’s completed March 2015
  • #1 engine fire extinguisher hydrostat completed Oct. 2015
  • All A.D’s and mandatory SB’s complied with.


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BOW: 14,370 lbs
Max Fuel: 6,062 lbs
Empty: 13,788 lbs
Useful Load (With Full Fuel): 1268 lbs   (Pax and bags)
Max TO: 21,500 lbs
Max Ramp: 21,750 lbs
Max Landing: 19,200 lbs
Max ZFW: 16,500 lbs

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  • Stunning exterior in overall silver titanium metallic with arctic blue and cumulous grey accent striping.  Paint is in excellent condition.
  • Overall silver titanium metallic with arctic blue and cumulous grey accent striping. Paint is in excellent condition.



  • Modern and elegant interior in near-new condition, completely refurbished by Duncan Aviation in January 2013, including new veneer and plating.